Wife Sex Stories – True Story of My Wife and My Boss

This is a true story of how my wife got me the promotion I deserved. My company’s annual conference was being held abroad in the South of France, and spouses were encouraged to attend. It was a beautiful resort, and my wife jumped at the chance to come.

On the flight over, I complained for the 50th time about the promotion I was promised but was still waiting for. “Be patient” they kept telling me. My wife is so good with people as she works for a charity, that she said she thinks she could speak with my boss and encourage him to finally give me my promotion. I was happy with this and believed she could do it.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, I headed off to my first meeting. My wife spent the day at the spa and explored the hotel. The first night was the welcome dinner, which everyone had to attend. I got back to my room with about 20 minutes to get ready. My wife was ready to go. She looked stunning. She was eager to make a great first impression, so at the salon had her hair, make up and nails done. She wore a slinky black dress with a plunging neckline. She has amazing breasts and did enjoy wearing revealing tops. Her 34DD bosoms looked even larger with the aid of her push up bra.

Walking hand in hand with her I felt very proud. My work colleagues didn’t even notice me, just simply stared at my wife. Later, many of them commented how lucky I was; which I am.

My wife asked me who my boss was. I pointed him out, and she commented that he was a lot cuter than she was expecting. We walked over, and I introduced them. He was certainly taken by her, and also couldn’t take his eyes off her, or her ample bosom. He asked her to join him at the bar, and there they stood chatting and flirting. I didn’t mind, as I knew she was just doing what she needed to do. She would simply make him like her so much, that he would feel compelled to give me the promotion.

He bought the drinks, and my wife returned to me. She said it went well, and he said that he would like to buy her lunch tomorrow, as he was keen to learn more about her charity work. She would be at the pool, so he would meet her there. This was a good sign I thought.

The next morning, as I was heading out the door, my wife was just leaving for the pool. She had a beautiful voluptuous body. In her red string bikini she looked amazing. The air conditioning in the room made her nipples hard and point through the bikini top. It was quite a small top, so it showed off her breasts nicely. But there was no time to stare as I had to leave for my meeting. I told her to enjoy her day and her lunch. She said she would chat with my boss and see what she could do.

At lunch time, my boss eagerly left the seminar and headed out to the pool. I decided to stay away, so I didn’t interrupt the important conversation. He looked around and spotted my wife sunning herself near the pool.

Greeting her, he couldn’t help but look her up and down. He didn’t care that he was being obvious about it either, which my wife thought was a good sign. She knew most men would do anything for a pretty lady.

They sat at the pool bar, and chatted. My wife did her bit, flirting and being her wonderful self. I was brought up in the conversation, and my wife mentioned the promotion I was waiting for. My boss said he couldn’t discuss it, as it was confidential. So she got up and thanked him for lunch and walked back to her sun lounger.

Not to be beaten, as she walked away, she reached around and peeled off her bikini top. She walked the rest of the way topless, with my boss only being able to see her from behind. As she expected he quickly followed and called her name. She ignored him and lay face down on the lounger, making sure he didn’t get a look at her firm breasts.


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