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I hate reality T.V.  I really do.  There is nothing real about it.  But, I have to admit that I have little addiction to the show Wife Swap.  I always wonder if the couples fuck when they’re off camera.  I make up stories in my head about how the wives are in need of some new cock.  I totally Wife Switch 11imagine them seducing their temporary husbands and having crazy hot sex.  I want to see some behind the scenes footage.  I want to see how it all unfolds.

Sadly, this isn’t a reality.  I recently discovered the Wife Switch series and it totally satiates my need for reality T.V. infidelity.  Well, these couples are actually swingers, so no one is doing any actual cheating.  Each porno is set up like a reality show where couples get together and swap partners.  There is a little girl on girl action, but the meat of the movies involve the swapped husband-wife matchups.  Each has their own little twist.  In Wife Swap 11, Veronica Rayne realizes she has is about to get her swing on with her ex.  In another scene, the shy and timid newlywed, Paola Rey lets her freak out.  The scenarios really make the scenes even hotter.

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If you’re like me and only watch reality T.V. in hopes of off camera debauchery, then you should definitely check out the Wife Switch series.  They should keep you busy for quite a while.

Free Wife Sex Videos – Wife Switch Vol 2

These hot and horny housewives are a little shy at first, but once they see another couple getting into some naughty action…things warm up very fast. Wife Switch Vol. 2 is one of the highest rated wife swapping videos in porn today.

In this wife sharing scene, Kimberly Coles and Brittany Burke share drinks with their respective husbands out back by the pool. After some short ice breaking banter, the two couples make their way inside for some more adult games. A little make-out time gets these wife swapping hunnies stealing glances of each other, and glances turn into stares as they both take their husbands’ hard cocks in their mouths out in the open.

Once the slippery slope gives way, these couples are wife swapping and fucking each others’ brains out to the fullest. When one horny wife cums, the other follows in a grand duet of orgasm.

Someone come over here and wife switch with my husband and I. I want to fuck with another hot wifey!

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Wife Swapping Videos – Wife Swappers

Imagine being married for a while and realizing that you are still attracted to other women and your wife is still attracted to other men. What’s a couple to do except explore other couples who are having the same problem. Watch these wife swapping couples swap spouses.

Bianca Pureheart gets into her own hot wife sex by wife swapping up to this burly man. Her tiny blonde ass loves feeling a big man between her thighs. Bianca audibly orgasms multiple times on his big hard cock during this scene from Wife Swappers. Her man sits up for a break in the middle of the action only to have Bianca quickly flip around and start sucking his cock again. The sheer sensation causes him to break character and say, “We may have to make this permanent.”

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Wife Swapping – PENTHOUSE

Wife Swapping Video - Wife SwappingSo, here I am laying here horny and my man is on yet another business trip. When I know there’s no possibility of getting him here for me now, I can’t help but start fantasizing about good looking men on the street. Sometimes I get so bad that I have to find a good wife swapping video to rub my wet clit to.

Wife Swapping from PENTHOUSE did just the trick for me this week. All of these hot and horny wives get a brand new man to play with, but Amber Ashlee stole the show. Her amazing skin, gorgeous ass, and flawless round tits had me almost more turned on than Evan Stone‘s throbbing erection. Amber is very malleable in bed, much like me. She loves to be thrown around and adapts to whatever her man needs.

Watching Evan Stone thrust his cock in and out of her beautiful shaved pussy drives me absolutely crazy with lust. Ughhh! Just 2 days til my man gets home. I don’t know if I can wait that long for some of my own hot wife sex. My panties are soaked right now just thinking about getting filled with his hard-on. Time for another shower :) Talk to you soon!

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