Wife Sex Stories – Flashing Turns Into A Wife Swap

It was a couple years ago and my wife and I were with our other married friends Ryan and Ali. We had all met in wine country for a little weekend trip. After a day of wine tasting (and drinking) and a booze filled dinner, the four of us are walking back to the hotel.

Ali starts to act like the exhibitionist she loves to be and starts to flash people as we pass them on the street. Ali is 26, a natural blond with the biggest perky natural tits I have ever seen on a girl with a good body. It is no wonder she enjoyed showing off her DD’s that sat up perfectly like they were fake, but I promise you they are all natural. I have seen them several times before that night as this was not uncommon, she liked to get naked every time she got drunk.  I enjoyed the show during our five minute walk home with each flash getting longer and longer until she was just walking down the street topless. The attention from the other people on the street was making me a little nervous, but Ali seemed to love it.

We got her to put her shirt back on so they would let back into the hotel and we quickly went up to the room. There had been some reservation issues and unexpectedly the four of us had to share a room. When we got to the room Ali went to change in the bathroom and came out quickly wearing black lace panties and bra, saying coyly “I didn’t bring anything else, we were supposed to have separate rooms….” She looked incredible, perfect creamy skin, her huge tits bouncing as she walked over and laid down on the bed next to me. I looked at my wife as neither of us had been with anyone else since we had been together and she gave me the ‘I don’t know what is going on look’. This was not a ‘no’ so I didn’t pull away as Ali pushed her tight ass back to me and grabbed my hand and pulled it over her. We were now essentially spooning and my dick got rock hard immediately as it was softly being rubbed against Ali’s ass. Ryan needed no encouragement and stripped his clothes off and climbed on top of my wife, his cock hard and rubbing against her.

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The Wife Switch Series

I hate reality T.V.  I really do.  There is nothing real about it.  But, I have to admit that I have little addiction to the show Wife Swap.  I always wonder if the couples fuck when they’re off camera.  I make up stories in my head about how the wives are in need of some new cock.  I totally Wife Switch 11imagine them seducing their temporary husbands and having crazy hot sex.  I want to see some behind the scenes footage.  I want to see how it all unfolds.

Sadly, this isn’t a reality.  I recently discovered the Wife Switch series and it totally satiates my need for reality T.V. infidelity.  Well, these couples are actually swingers, so no one is doing any actual cheating.  Each porno is set up like a reality show where couples get together and swap partners.  There is a little girl on girl action, but the meat of the movies involve the swapped husband-wife matchups.  Each has their own little twist.  In Wife Swap 11, Veronica Rayne realizes she has is about to get her swing on with her ex.  In another scene, the shy and timid newlywed, Paola Rey lets her freak out.  The scenarios really make the scenes even hotter.

Wife Switch 11Click the image above to watch Hot Wife Sex 11 on demand

If you’re like me and only watch reality T.V. in hopes of off camera debauchery, then you should definitely check out the Wife Switch series.  They should keep you busy for quite a while.

Wife Swapping – The Twilight Zone Porn Parody

Director Paul Thomas constructed a parody of The Twilight Zone that rivals the original. Set in a distant era of cocktails with lunch, and gender-specific roles, biblical virtue found itself being challenged by a couple of new neighbors, whose penchant for earthy carnal pleasures dominate the archaic and self-suppressing morals practiced by the rest of the town. In a quest to uncover the mystery behind the new family, known as The Stones, Kimberly Kane finds herself drawn in and seduced by the enticing and mystifying lifestyle known as swinging.

There are several components that go in to making a truly fantastic and well done movie. Aside from having a stellar cast, once must have inspiration, an imagination, and the ability to create a seemingly real life series of moments from a false reality. But when it comes to legendary adult film director, Paul Thomas, not only are each one of those elements fully present in every piece of work that he creates, but the way in which he manifests his concepts and ideals in to a visually striking and ethereally erotic piece of art is what sets him well apart from all the rest.

The Twilight Zone Porn Parody, which is available now on DVD, is Paul Thomas’ first title to be distributed by LFP Video. “This is a very different type of parody film for us,” said director of operations for LFP Video, Rob Smith. “Hustler is very excited to be working with the eminent director, Paul Thomas, on this project, and we know that The Twilight Zone Porn Parody will be wildly successfully. I can’t wait to see what PT has up his sleeves next.”


Wife Swapping – PENTHOUSE

Wife Swapping Video - Wife SwappingSo, here I am laying here horny and my man is on yet another business trip. When I know there’s no possibility of getting him here for me now, I can’t help but start fantasizing about good looking men on the street. Sometimes I get so bad that I have to find a good wife swapping video to rub my wet clit to.

Wife Swapping from PENTHOUSE did just the trick for me this week. All of these hot and horny wives get a brand new man to play with, but Amber Ashlee stole the show. Her amazing skin, gorgeous ass, and flawless round tits had me almost more turned on than Evan Stone‘s throbbing erection. Amber is very malleable in bed, much like me. She loves to be thrown around and adapts to whatever her man needs.

Watching Evan Stone thrust his cock in and out of her beautiful shaved pussy drives me absolutely crazy with lust. Ughhh! Just 2 days til my man gets home. I don’t know if I can wait that long for some of my own hot wife sex. My panties are soaked right now just thinking about getting filled with his hard-on. Time for another shower :) Talk to you soon!

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Not Without My Husband

watch my wife

This is a pretty straight forward cuckold video, albeit, slightly vanilla. I say that because the premise of this film is that wives are fucking other men, but they won’t do it unless their husbands are there to fuck them as well. It isn’t bi-cuckold, more of just wife sharing.

The women are very attractive, some are obviously professional adult performers, but I’m pretty sure that there’s a few authentic wife sharers involved.

I really liked the video because there’s always a interesting dynamic between the wives and their husbands. A lot of times in most cuckold movies there’s a lot of demeaning going on, but in this one it’s more like an open-arms fuck-fest.

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