Hot Wife Sex Videos – Bad Wives 2

Hot Wife Sex Videos - Bad Wives 2AVN Top 500 The sequel to adult’s most awarded film, Paul Thomas’ famed attack on Suburbia is back! But the girls are sprung from jail and Hell’s about to break loose! Look out…the wives have a brand new advisor: Satan!

Bad Wives 2 gives you all of the sinfully seductive straight and lesbian sex that the original does, and manages to get a little dirtier in the process. Our hot and horny wives start out this hot wife sex film in prison. now, anyone should know that when you cage together a group of unruly hot man eaters, sparks will eventually fly. So, it’s of no surprise to us that the first scene involves a hot lesbian exhibition in front of a sexy naked crowd. I certainly will never look at the girls’ locker room showers the same ever again.

Horny cheating wives having tons of dirty prison sex is fun and all, but things really begin to heat up when these penned up kittens get released upon the world again. Hot wife group sex and public exhibitionism take over the town! With 10 scenes in all, it’s difficult to cover every last hot moment. Although, special attention should be paid to scene 7. I have to say, I’ve never experienced a fantasy where a man took me in the middle of a bowling alley. Now I think it’s at the top of my list of places to fuck.