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Do you ever wonder what bored housewives do with their time?  The unfaithful ones invite a few guys over or invite their pool boys in for a good fuck.  The faithful ones get out their big dildos and the baby oil and put on a show.  This amateur housewife, Tiffany Preston is totally hot and looks great playing with her big brown rubber cock. Enjoy these 2 free hot wife sex videos!

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Not so long ago I posted a list of 5 Wife Sex Pornos You Need To Watch.  Today I’m giving you two free slips from one of those movies – Horny Housewives.  Two incredibly hot wives, both from the Czech Republic, are in need of some fat cock.  Luckily for them, they don’t have Horny Housewivessearch hard to find it.  In our first clip Simone Style is seeking council about her unhappy life.  Her therapist comes to the conclusion that she has been in an unsatisfying marriage for far too long.  He suggests that she spend some time focusing on herself, but Simone just wants what is in his pants.  She knows that will lift her spirits immediately.  She looks amazing riding his dick!  From the way she trembles as she slides down on his cock, you know she is one horny lady that is finally getting what her housewife-pussy needs.

The next clip stars wifey Mia Leone.  Her scene tells the classic porno tale of a wife who welcomes the plumber in to fix her pipes.  While assisting him, she accidentally-on-purpose stands over him so that he can see right up her dress.  She has some leaky pipes, alright!  Ha!  I couldn’t resist.  Eventually these two get to the fucking and all of it goes down on the kitchen counter.  No matter how many times I see a housewife get nailed by a plumber, I always love it!

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The Hottest Nastiest Wives Ever: Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble

When it comes to famous hot wives, Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble are tops. On the outside they’re a couple of everyday wifees, but The Flintstones - A XXX Parodyunderneath it all they’re a couple of dirty perverts!  I can just imagine them walking around Bedrock, making all of the other stone age women jealous with their sexy short dresses and perfect hairdos.  Can’t you just see all of the (literally) rock hard boners they cause with their hot MILF ways?

Luckily, your dreams of getting to watch the characters of the Flintstones get down and dirty came true in The Flintstones – A XXX parody.  We get the pleasure of watching everyone fuck (except for poor Fred).  We even get to see Mr. Slate get it on.  With Hillary Scott playing the part of Wilma and Brooke Lee Adams as Betty, you’ll never have to get off to those old cartoons again!  You get to see television’s hottest wives get fucked they way you always wanted them to.

This porno spoof isn’t just any old skin flick.  The Flintstones – A XXX Parody was nominated for seven AVN Awards including Best Screenplay – Parody, Best Actress, best Supporting Actress and Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene.  You can also check out Disc 2 for some awesome behind the scenes action.  To get you warmed up, check these free porno videos!

Wilma and Betty totally love cock, but you know they have always wanted to fuck each other. How could they not want to go to town on some sweet cave lady pussy?

As Fred’s mind wanders we get a peek at what might be if Wilma was a filthy cheating wife. We all know she is loyal, but in this 30 second clip we get to watch Wilma suck cock behind her husband’s back.

Wilma isn’t the only one that gets to give Betty’s Bed Rock pussy a once over. Hubby Barney bangs her good and hard until he blows his prehistoric load all over her tight little cookie. Be sure to turn up the sound when watching this free porno clip!

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Screw My Wife Please!! – Live and Uncensored Vol. 4

The Screw My Wife Please series features uber horny wives that want to get fucked by porn star studs.  Their husbands are totally down.  In Screw My Wife Please!! - Live and Uncensored Vol. 4 fact, they are the ones that hook everything up.  They hang out and watch their wives get nailed, enjoying it every step of the way.  Dirty Dave Cummings is always one the scene, being as respectful as he is pervy, making sure everything is kosher between partners.

In the Live and Uncensored versions are uncut.  You get a view from the director’s chair and you don’t miss on bit of the action.  I love it!  So much so that I decided to share two free clips from scene Screw My Wife Please!! – Live and Uncensored Vol. 4.  Sara and Vinny are a happily married couple that like to get dirty.  Wifey Sara has few limits and loves to get man handled and fucked hard.  The only rule that her hubby has for porn star Claudio Meloni is no ass fucking, but that is only because he wants her tight married ass all to himself later!

What I really love here is the mix between amateur and pro.  It really brings out an unpredictable dynamic you’ll like getting off too.  Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.  Enjoy your free video clips below!

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Free Wife Sex Video – My Wife For Porn 12

I’m not going to act like this porno is going to change your life, but if you like amateur action I’m fairly certain you’ll enjoy it.  The first scene stars a My Wife For Porn 12stripper who is looking to become a porn star.  Her hubby doesn’t seem to mind and I’m pretty sure she is  well on her way to becoming a star.  Her cock sucking skills are pretty fantastic and she has quite the nice natural body.  She is tiny and free of fake body parts.

The rest of the scenes in My Wife For Porn 12 are laden with 90′s-porno-amateur-hour goodness.  I love amateur porn and I love the 90′s, I’m just not so sure I want the two mixed together.  It might be your thing and I’m not here to yuck your yum, so I encourage you to get your high-waisted-panty-lovin’ dirty pervyness on!

One thing to keep in mind is that the guy in scene 1 (in your free clip) is not Chris Rock!  They look nothing a like, but damn do they sound alike.  You don’t get to see his face in the video in this post so I thought I go ahead and give you a warning.  You may very well be focused on the fantastic blowjob that she

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Free Wife Sex Videos – My Wife And I Are Fucking The Babysitter 2

It’s the best of both worlds:  Hot wives and nasty young babysitters getting fucked by some lucky ass husbands.  You’re welcome.

These guys get to come home to tight horny teens, but still get to keep their hot MILF-tastic wifeys close at hand.  Everyone fucks everyone here, no one is left out.  I’m not going to waste any more of your time.  I’m sure you’re already pulling your cock out.  Check out this free video of a naughty blonde babysitter riding dad’s cock while mom sucks his balls.  Enjoy!

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Free Wife Sex Videos: Here Cum The Brides

I love weddings. Not because I get all mushy and teary eyed, because I don’t.  It isn’t even for the open bar or for the fun of flirting with the cutest members of the wedding party.  I love weddings because I know that underneath that pretty white ruffly wedding dress is a warm little pussy thatHere Cum The Brides can’t wait to be fucked.  The mixture of innocence and dirt-baggery is a total turn on.  Blushing brides want everything to be perfect on their special day, but most of all they want get fucked.  Anyone who is willing to lift up the layers upon layers of material to stick it in will do – husband, best man, photographer, bridesmaid…

I admit, maybe not all soon-to-be-wives are hanging out waiting to get nailed, but I want them to.  I can’t help it.  Thinking about those frilly white panties and stockings and, well, you get the idea. Or at least you will when you take a look at this porno clip.  The whole movie is filled with hot brides getting fucked and I love it!

Don’t be put off by the random white still on the screen below.  It is just a big poofy white dress that the (almost) wifey is wearing.

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Free Wife Sex Videos – Cheating Wives Tales 5

Free Wife Sex Videos - Cheating Wives Tales 5
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In this free wife sex video, Kelli Tyler takes control of this hot boy. Kelli’s body is amazing because she is gorgeously natural. You can tell that she might want him to dominate her a little more, but it doesn’t bother her much since he’s hung just right for her. I’m sure cheating on her husband with a younger, better built man helps a lot too ;P

Watching her fuck this cock made me drench my own panties. I’m not saying I would walk next door and screw my sexy neighbor, but the thought definitely crossed my mind when Kelli rides reverse cowgirl. Ugh, that feeling of being filled up and euphoric. Cold shower time….phew. Enjoy!

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I really like this free wife sex video from “Hot Wife Times – Exposed“. This horny young wife cannot wait to get her husbands cock in her mouth. The way she frames the base with her hands reminds me of how I like to give my hubby good head. I also love that she adorns her man’s balls. There aren’t many girls out there who can honestly say they “love” their man’s jewels. You should though! We expect our men to put our vagina’s on the highest pedestal possible, but then we don’t return the favor? That’s just wrong. Next time you are giving your man some oral love, play with his balls and marvel at his reactions. I’d bet a large sum of money that he cums way sooner than you are used to.

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Dakota contacted me about doing a video with our Reel Dirty Boyz. Had I known what I know now, I’d have had another 2 guys there to handle this hot and horny wife. When I say this girl had some real good pussy, i’m not lying. We were hard instantly once we got her undressed and saw those big tits, nice big ass and hot wet pussy.

Dakota got right down to it, sucking cock on my cock. She loved having her pussy eaten too. She came almost instantly. When Dakota saw D-Razz & Mr. Blaque’s Big Black Cocks she was really ready for some action. She came at least twice while being fucked and then asked to have her ass fucked. Well who could down an offer like that. Dakota has her ass fucked furiously by both studs and gets a awesome DP as well. What we liked most was when we were ready to cum Dakota took it deep inside of her. Some of the best hot wife sex I have ever had.

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