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Bored and Naughty Amateur Housewife Masturbates Part 1 – Free Porn Clips

Do you ever wonder what bored housewives do with their time?  The unfaithful ones invite a few guys over or invite their pool boys in for a good fuck.  The faithful ones get out their big dildos and the baby oil and put on a show.  This amateur housewife, Tiffany Preston is totally hot and looks great playing with her big brown rubber cock. Enjoy these 2 free hot wife sex videos!

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Wife Sex Stories – Welcome Home by MysticGypsy

Damion came home and dropped his black trench coat on the white sofa in the apartment. He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss before I was able to ask him how work was. It was a late Friday night and I had been thinking of him all day long. He had taken the car we both shared so I had been in the house almost the entire day.

“It went by slowly,” he told me. We chatted for a while about work and I made him some dinner since I knew he hadn’t gotten a break (again) during the day.

He sat on the red couch to relax and take off his shoes after he ate while I cleaned up. I could see from the kitchen that he was nodding off a bit. “Well now, that just won’t do at all,” I thought to myself. I dried off my hands and went into the other room as quietly as I could.Awakening To Love from New Sensations Romance

Once in the bedroom I slipped out of my clothes and found my sexy purple chemise and slipped that on, relishing in the silky feel against my body. I walked into the other room and found Damion sitting on the sofa quite asleep. I sat down on his lap. He woke up, as expected. When he saw what I was wearing for him, a huge smile crossed his face. Before he could say anything, I kissed him. As he responded to my kiss, and put his tongue against mine, I could feel myself getting wet.

“Something on your mind?” he asked. I answered him with another of those mind-blowing kisses and he responded in turn. I stood up, letting on of the straps fall off my shoulder and my long hair fall in front of one of my eyes.

“Come with me, unless you’re too tired,” I purred at him. He, of course, would follow me anywhere at that point. I took his hand and brought him into the bedroom.

At this point, to my surprise, he took over. Damion pulled me to him and kissed me; he kissed me hard, his tongue exploring my mouth as mine explored his. I held onto him for dear life as my knees went weak for a moment and the wetness between my thighs increased. I couldn’t take it any longer; I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands over the hair on his chest. I’ve always loved running my hands over him for just that reason. I calmed down just a bit, enough to slowly undo his belt, unzip his pants and pull the button out. His pants slid to the floor.

Damion put his hands on my hips, moving them up and down. His lips found my neck and the spot that turns me on like nothing else. His hands moved down my thighs to the bottom of my satin chemise and then under. He slid his hands up, slowly, as if he had never felt me before. He took the small bit of fabric up and over my head; it fell to the floor. Damion took a step back and admired my body, letting me look at his. My eyes, inevitably, were drawn down to his now enlarged cock. He put his hand on my left breast, and was so soft and sensuous, as if this was all new to him.

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Free Wife Sex Videos – Horny Housewives

Not so long ago I posted a list of 5 Wife Sex Pornos You Need To Watch.  Today I’m giving you two free slips from one of those movies – Horny Housewives.  Two incredibly hot wives, both from the Czech Republic, are in need of some fat cock.  Luckily for them, they don’t have Horny Housewivessearch hard to find it.  In our first clip Simone Style is seeking council about her unhappy life.  Her therapist comes to the conclusion that she has been in an unsatisfying marriage for far too long.  He suggests that she spend some time focusing on herself, but Simone just wants what is in his pants.  She knows that will lift her spirits immediately.  She looks amazing riding his dick!  From the way she trembles as she slides down on his cock, you know she is one horny lady that is finally getting what her housewife-pussy needs.

The next clip stars wifey Mia Leone.  Her scene tells the classic porno tale of a wife who welcomes the plumber in to fix her pipes.  While assisting him, she accidentally-on-purpose stands over him so that he can see right up her dress.  She has some leaky pipes, alright!  Ha!  I couldn’t resist.  Eventually these two get to the fucking and all of it goes down on the kitchen counter.  No matter how many times I see a housewife get nailed by a plumber, I always love it!

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The Hottest Nastiest Wives Ever: Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble

When it comes to famous hot wives, Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble are tops. On the outside they’re a couple of everyday wifees, but The Flintstones - A XXX Parodyunderneath it all they’re a couple of dirty perverts!  I can just imagine them walking around Bedrock, making all of the other stone age women jealous with their sexy short dresses and perfect hairdos.  Can’t you just see all of the (literally) rock hard boners they cause with their hot MILF ways?

Luckily, your dreams of getting to watch the characters of the Flintstones get down and dirty came true in The Flintstones – A XXX parody.  We get the pleasure of watching everyone fuck (except for poor Fred).  We even get to see Mr. Slate get it on.  With Hillary Scott playing the part of Wilma and Brooke Lee Adams as Betty, you’ll never have to get off to those old cartoons again!  You get to see television’s hottest wives get fucked they way you always wanted them to.

This porno spoof isn’t just any old skin flick.  The Flintstones – A XXX Parody was nominated for seven AVN Awards including Best Screenplay – Parody, Best Actress, best Supporting Actress and Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene.  You can also check out Disc 2 for some awesome behind the scenes action.  To get you warmed up, check these free porno videos!

Wilma and Betty totally love cock, but you know they have always wanted to fuck each other. How could they not want to go to town on some sweet cave lady pussy?

As Fred’s mind wanders we get a peek at what might be if Wilma was a filthy cheating wife. We all know she is loyal, but in this 30 second clip we get to watch Wilma suck cock behind her husband’s back.

Wilma isn’t the only one that gets to give Betty’s Bed Rock pussy a once over. Hubby Barney bangs her good and hard until he blows his prehistoric load all over her tight little cookie. Be sure to turn up the sound when watching this free porno clip!

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See My Wife Volume 2

Who doesn’t love a good amateur porno? I know I do, especially when the porno features horny housewives getting down with their fingers, See My Wife Volume 2vibrators and husbands. See My Wife Volume 2 features some of the prettiest and dirtiest ladies who have ever wed. Their lucky hubbies film them and all of their naughtiest which gives a chance to see some super hot POV action. I felt like these gals were sucking my cock and I don’t even have one! Don’t expect big budget smut laden with fake tits and halfhearted moans. There is nothing worse than watching a woman fuck that is only doing it for the money. Sure there is a reward at the end for these women, but their enthusiasm and wet pussies totally let you know they are down to fuck.

I’ve seen my share of bad homemade porno. When something is “real”, it isn’t always good. Some are train wrecks or worse. That is definitely not the case here! Sure, you get the shaky cam thing from time to time, but overall this is a damn fine hot wife homemade smut film.  Check out the images below for just a taste of the filth that goes down in See My Wife Volume 2!

See My Wife Volume 2 - Scene 1




5 Wife Sex Pornos You Need To Watch

Good Wives Gone Bad  Volume 6 Good Wives Gone Bad Volume 6 I love down and dirty amateur wives. These ladies suck cock purely for the love of it and it totally shows. They get straight up raunchy! It it a nice break from the same old porn.
Don't Tell My Husband Don’t Tell My Husband - On the other end of the spectrum, we have this nicely produced cheating wife porn from Zero Tolerance. India Summer gets the job done, even though her husband isn’t around! She has no problem getting fucked by another man in her hubby’s bed. Awesome!
My Wife Caught Me Ass Fucking Her Mother My Wife Caught Me Ass Fucking Her MotherWhat to do when your wife won’t put out? Fuck her mom. Fuck her mom in the ass. Then get your wife to join in. So dirty! Oh so right! India Summer shows up in this wholesome family fun flick as well.
Horny Housewives
Horny Housewives
I’ve often thought of becoming a repair man just so I could have the chance to bang beautiful hot women left home alone to their own devices. I don’t know the first thing about fixing a sink, but I sure would love to clean out their pipes! Hello, Simone Style.
Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories 4On the other end of the spectrum, these wives will totally make you their bitch while they get fucked by Shane’s thick 2 liter soda bottle of a cock. He works her pussy, mouth and ass while they both berate you. Ashli Orion and her pretty white pearls bring the filth.

Teaching My Husband Who Is Boss by Crimson Lioness

I was just about to enter our flat and take the biggest risk that I had ever taken in my life. My marriage is essentially a good one, but my husband, Dan, had been controlling me a little too much recently. He had been telling me what I could, and could not do, and he scared the life out of me in the bedroom. My Brazilian friend Ana had suggested something fun that had worked for her, and that I was now putting into action. I had been out on a work do and had invited a colleague, Buddy, back with me. He was a handsome guy, who I knew fancied me, and was happy to play along with Ana’s plan “ a plan that I had discussed with him earlier in the bar. As I entered our flat, Dan greeted us and was obviously surprised that I had brought home a male work-mate.

“We had such a fun night! God I need a drink. Could you get me one? You want one too Buddy?” Dan went to the kitchen and prepared me my usual vodka cranberry and got Buddy a Jack Daniel’s and Coke. I sat on the sofa next to Buddy and waited for our drinks. “Buddy has got this little game I want you to play. He asks a series of questions and it judges how well matched we are. I did it and it was so much fun. Buddy ask him the questions…”

Buddy began by asking a few personal questions on topics like how often Dan masturbated, did he look at porn and so on, which made me smile as he answered them. The next question was how well endowed he thought he was. He said he was about average and had no complaints from exes. Buddy asked me whether Dan was the biggest guy I had experienced, and because I had told Dan about one of my previous well-hung boyfriends, I was able to confess that he was not. Buddy asked Dan how he felt about this and I discovered an insecure side that I never knew existed. He admitted to worrying whether he was big enough for me, and if I thought of my ex when we made love.

I was just about to reassure Dan, when Buddy said sarcastically that I would never dream of giant cocks and then asked the question that I had told him to about whether Dan considered me to be his possession. As Dan said something about me being a very independent woman, Buddy placed his hand on my knee and began stroking the inside of my thigh.

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Screw My Wife Please!! – Live and Uncensored Vol. 4

The Screw My Wife Please series features uber horny wives that want to get fucked by porn star studs.  Their husbands are totally down.  In Screw My Wife Please!! - Live and Uncensored Vol. 4 fact, they are the ones that hook everything up.  They hang out and watch their wives get nailed, enjoying it every step of the way.  Dirty Dave Cummings is always one the scene, being as respectful as he is pervy, making sure everything is kosher between partners.

In the Live and Uncensored versions are uncut.  You get a view from the director’s chair and you don’t miss on bit of the action.  I love it!  So much so that I decided to share two free clips from scene Screw My Wife Please!! – Live and Uncensored Vol. 4.  Sara and Vinny are a happily married couple that like to get dirty.  Wifey Sara has few limits and loves to get man handled and fucked hard.  The only rule that her hubby has for porn star Claudio Meloni is no ass fucking, but that is only because he wants her tight married ass all to himself later!

What I really love here is the mix between amateur and pro.  It really brings out an unpredictable dynamic you’ll like getting off too.  Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.  Enjoy your free video clips below!

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